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**Be sure and prime Flovent and ProAIR canisters according to the directions that came with them!**

*ProAIR is for emergency asthma attacks!*

1 – Before beginning, inspect the mask for debris, and make sure that the little opening in the canister is unobstructed.

2 - Shake the canister of Flovent or ProAIR for 15 seconds -- this is a crucial step, as this type of medication MUST be shaken for 15 seconds prior to EACH AND EVERY puff, otherwise kitty is mainly getting propellant, and not the medication.

3 - Insert the canister snugly into the Aerokat and place the mask on your kitty’s face.

4 - Spray ONCE only.  It DOES NOT WORK to put two sprays into the chamber at one time.

5 – If using the new Aerokat with the Flow-Vu dome that allows you to assess the inhalations, then count 10-12 breaths, and remove the mask.  With the older model, pay attention, count to 15 – 20, and be sure that kitty gets 10 full breaths.

6 - If kitty needs a second puff, remove the canister from the mask, and repeat steps 2 through 5. 

7 – Gently wash kitty’s face with a warm, wet soft paper or regular towel to ensure there is no facial irritation (Viva is soft, and leaves no residue).  Always wipe away from the eyes, and use a clean surface for each stroke.

8 – Get into the habit of regularly rinsing the mask off, making sure it’s completely dry before using it.  Once a week, clean out the hole in the canister where the medication comes out with a wet Q-Tip, then give it a test spray.  To clean the Aerokat, follow the instructions that came with it.