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Kitties Can Enjoy Their Vacation, Too!

Hebron Cat Hospital offers calm, cool, quiet, CATS ONLY boarding...


You may be going on vacation with your family, will have a very crowded holiday house with plenty of people to accidentally let the cat out, or going out of town on business. Whatever the reason, we have the purrfect boarding available for your furry friend. Hebron Cat Hospital has a wonderful selection of vacation spots for all the kitties in your life. Our feline-exclusive boarding will please even the pickiest of cats!  No matter which option you choose, our dedicated staff will be there to provide for all of your cats' needs and give medications if applicable.  

  • Our Luxury Suites are perfect for your pampered cat!  These large rooms have a lot of space to get exercise and include stairs to reach a loft area while lounging. It comes complete with a view of our lobby and contains a hideaway litterbox area on the ground floor for privacy.  We can keep up to 3 cats* from the same family in here, so it's purrfect for multi-cat households! 
  • Our Studio Apartments come with cozy sleeping quarters, a room with a view and plenty of space to allow your cat to move about and stretch, or curl up and relax.   

*Kitties in the luxury suites will need to be on the same diet to be housed together. If for any reason the kitties housed together do not get along while staying with us, they will be separated for their well being. 

Please fill out our boarding form in order to expedite your check-in.


We will be happy to continue your feeding schedule with your own food or we will supply food at a small additional fee per night (it's always best to keep your kitty on their regular food). You may bring any bedding, toys or treats and we will do our best to preserve it in it's original state, however, we will not be held responsible for kitty or washing machine wear and tear. We will also be happy to medicate your kitty if necessary at a small additional fee per night.


We hope you decide to have your kitties come visit us at Hebron Cat Hospital for the holidays or anytime they can't be with you. We will give them lots of love and care during their stay!


First-night deposit required for HOLIDAY reservations.


Please stop by and tour our facility if you get a chance.