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Please fill out a new client form if your pet has never been to HCH. Drop-offs are for established patients, if you're a new patient, you must allow for an approximately 30 minute appointment for an initial exam and consult with the doctor, then your pet may stay with us for treatment. Established patients should allow approximately 10 minutes for a thorough history of the current problem.

If you would like, we also have printable forms available for you to print out and bring in with you.

Drop Off Form

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CPR: Normal CPR involving chest compressions, oxygen therapy and medications such as epinephrine, atropine, etc.
DNR: No resuscitation

Please Read Carefully
PROFESSIONAL FEES ARE TO BE PAID AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE PERFORMED In admitting my pet(s) for diagnostics, treatment, or surgery, I authorize the veterinarians of Hebron Cat Hospital and their support staff, to administer such treatment(s) and/or perform such diagnostic or surgical procedures as deemed necessary.
I understand that if any fleas are found on my pet, I will be charged for flea medication.
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